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Swisse is a leading global health & wellness brand born in Australia. Since the past 5 decades, Swisse has been investing in products formulated with premium quality ingredients based on traditional evidence and scientific research. Swisse products are available in 12+ countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, UK, Italy and more.

We, at Swisse India, offer a wide range of premium quality Vitamins and Supplements to support and improve health and wellbeing. We use handpicked ingredients from trusted suppliers across the world to ensure that our products deliver the best results!

Our Best-Selling Categories are:

Multivitamins: We are the #1 Multivitamin brand in Australia. Our Multivitamin tablets for men & Multivitamin tablets for women have been specially tailored as per their needs and made with 36 essential nutrients to energize the mind and body.

General Wellbeing: All our products are made keeping in mind the nutritional requirement for maintaining good health. The product range in this category includes Fish Oil, Liver Detox, Magnesium, Probiotics, Cranberry, Apple Cider Vinegar, Melatonin and more.

Beauty Inside Out: We offer tailored beauty nutrition supplements, designed with specific benefits to protect your hair from damage and nourish your skin to help it glow from within. Our product range includes Biotin, Collagen+ Hyaluronic Acid, Vegan Collagen Builder, Collagen Glow Powder etc.



Liver health

Liver health

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