SwisseMe Plant Protein Powder

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  • PACKED WITH PROTEIN: Swisse Plant Protein is 100% plant-based protein powder. Contains 24 grams of protein and 4.2 grams BCAA per serving, which is perfect for people seeking active life with effective nutrition.
  • HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS: It is blend of pea and brown rice. It also contains essential nutrients and complete amino profile, which helps build muscle, provides faster recovery, increases energy and stamina.
  • GREAT TASTING FORMULA: Chocolate flavour with amazing taste and zero added sugar. Morever, this product is lactose-free and contains no artificial ingredients. Perfect to add in pancakes, smoothies, milkshakes etc. as pre or post workout fuel.
  • BETTER THAN WHEY: Made with herbal extracts and digestive enzymes for easy digestion and absorption by the body, without causing any bloating or discomfort
  • EASY TO CONSUME: Add 1 scoop (30-35 g) in 500 ml of water or your favourite beverage or blend it with fruits and ice.
  • Manufactured in India
  • ABOUT SWISSE ME: We create convenient nutrition and beauty solutions for busy people. Our range of tasty and healthy supplements are perfect for life on-the-go with natural ingredients and scientifically proven formulations. We do the research, so you don’t have to.

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