Swisse's Healthy & Happy You: Panel Discussions

Welcome to the Healthy & Happy You Series powered by Swisse, a series of discussions with leading professionals and practitioners from the fields of health, fitness and wellness where we discuss building blocks about leading a healthy and happy life and some solutions and tools to implement these building blocks in our daily lives. 

Webisode 1

 Movement, Mind and Nutrition

It's all about holistic well-being, and in this session, Dr Aditi Govitrikar, Salloni Aroraa Nanda and Apurwa Sarve discuss about the 3 building blocks for a healthy life: Movement, Mind and Nutrition. Watch this episode to learn more about some common myths behind nutrition and supplements, tips to have a healthy mind and fit body and some recommendations on supplements and other mico-nutrients that are relevant in today's times.

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Webisode 2

 All About The Gut & Immunity

This is a most asked about webisode, where panelists will discuss how our gut is responsible for putting our body in order. They will talk about practical and scientific ways to improve gut microbiome and how to cleanse it. They will deep dive into the foods we eat and what all nutrients does our gut absorb. Tune in to this webisode to learn how a healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system and effective digestion.

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Webisode 3

Nutrition 101 

Learn more about what does good eating do for good health. In this webisode, panelists will discuss on how do you balance the various food choices and how do you complement that with physical activities and supplements to have a good health. You will learn what is the right and most practical way to achieve a balanced and healthy diet

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Webisode 4

Beautiful & Healthy Inside out

In this episode, learn about the beauty of healthy eating and how it makes a difference to your skin and well-being. Learn about which micro-nutrients, vitamins and other solutions are required to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin and hair that doesn’t look its ageing. The panelists will discuss the top Foods to Eat for healthy-looking skin and unlock the mystery behind the beauty and wellness connection.

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Webisode 5

Energy, Performance & Recovery    

Learn from real athletes to understand how to combat exercise fatigue, improve athletic performance, and help maintain energy levels to ensure proper recovery post-​workouts. Find out the nutritional, pharmacological, and psychological tools that athletes use to increase energy, performance and recovery. More importantly, understand about the use of dietary supplements and ergogenic aids in exercise performance

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