Webisode 2:  All About The Gut & Immunity

This is a most asked about webisode, where panelists will discuss how our gut is responsible for putting our body in order. They will talk about practical and scientific ways to improve gut microbiome and how to cleanse it. They will deep dive into the foods we eat and what all nutrients does our gut absorb. Tune in to this webisode to learn how a healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system and effective digestion

About the Speakers

Nidhi Mohan Kamal   

Considered India’s fittest female vegan, Nidhi is director of NidSun Wellness, a chain of weight loss clinics. She’s a Food Scientist, with a Food and Chemical engineering degree and a specialization in nutrition and sports specific nutrition. She has been handling Fat loss and body shaping needs since 2007.

Janvi Chitalia

Integrative Gut Microbiome Expert and Functional Nutritionist and Founder of Body Cocoon (nutrition & fitness studio in Mumbai). She has been featured in FHM, Times of India, Femina, Vogue, Yourstory and HT. She has degrees from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, USA; Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York among others

Apurwa Sarve 

Group Senior Strategy Manager at Swisse Wellness & H&H Group and an avid sportsman, having played over twenty years of competitive cricket and tennis in Australia.

Panel Recommendations

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“Its a fabulous product, with a beautiful combination of cinnamon, chromium and gurmar helping in digestion and also in managing sugar levels”

-Janvi Chitalia

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“This comes with mother, which will boost your metabolism and immunity perfect for vegan cooking to replace some of the baking needs”

-Nidhi Mohan Kamal

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