Why men should include Multivitamin supplements in their diet

While the intake of most vitamins and minerals is commonly shared by men and women, the proportional requirement does vary for certain vitamins and minerals which men are to consume in a greater quantity.

If you’ve been reading our previous blogs, you already have a fair idea of how achievable perfectly balanced diets are. In a country as diverse as India, with different foods and dietary compositions across regions, you will have to be pretty lucky to end up with the perfect mix of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Besides this, each of us differ in our nutrient absorption capacity, i.e., how our bodies react to and utilise nutrients. Allergies, unique health conditions and ageing are also inevitable stumbling blocks which necessitate the inclusion of multivitamin supplements in male diets.


Here’s what you should keep in mind before going ahead and adding multivitamin supplements to your diet.

While healthcare professionals recommend including vitamin and mineral-rich foods in our diet (and we do too), ensuring that our bodies receive the adequate daily intake for all necessary vitamins and minerals in the right proportion is not really a cakewalk. This is where multivitamins lend us a helping hand. Multivitamins readily comprise fixedcomprise of fixed and balanced quantities of important vitamins and minerals, helping in filling our nutritional gaps conveniently and facilitating our body’s overall well-being. For men in particular, Vitamin B6, B12, C, D, E, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc are crucial for shoring up the immune system, improving metabolism, bone, eye and skin health, and maintaining proper cardiovascular functioning.

Since multivitamins are all-purpose supplements when it comes to your body’s vitamins and minerals requirement, their recommended consumption is one tablet a day at the same time, for at least two months to witness the beneficial result. As always, we would also recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before you incorporate multivitamins into your daily diet.

As we mentioned earlier, while your diet can go a long way in maintaining the necessary level of vitamins and minerals in your body, ageing and varying health conditions can’t be prevented and have to be mitigated against. The Swisse Ultivite Men’s Multivitamin is jam packed with 36 essential nutrients, including not only the requisite, male body-oriented proportion of vitamins and minerals - Vitamin B6, B12, C, D3, E, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc, but is also composed of Korean Ginseng, Tomato Lycopene, Folic acid, and other antioxidants and herbs that aid effective bodily absorption of these nutrients while also promoting heart health, lowered stress, tiredness and fatigue and immune functioning.