Vitamin Supplements For Kids & Teens

 Do Healthy Children Need Supplements?

Our diets are imperfect. And when it comes to our children, this rings true even more. Pressuring our kids to follow a straitjacketed nutrition plan is equal to asking a thief not to steal. It’s futile. Kids crave taste over nutrition, and we as parents should be more (not completely) welcoming towards their cravings. But when you’re giving them some leeway, adding key multivitamin supplements to their diet not only reduces your nutritional concerns but also nurtures a fitness-wary attitude in your children.

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This blog is your answer to all your queries regarding what supplements your child should and should not take.

  • Do kids even need supplements?
  • You’d be expecting us to say that if your child has a balanced diet, the simple answer is no. But we’ve made it clear that a balanced diet for our kids is easier said than done. Vitamins and minerals are not just important for the maintenance and upkeep of our bodies, but they also play a crucial role in shaping our lifestyles. 

    How? You’ll be able to recall from our last blog that we stressed the importance of Vitamin B12 as a building block in our bodies. The importance of Vitamin B12, as well as Vitamins A, B, and D, and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, and iodine, becomes all the more important when it comes to children’s bodies, because of the frequent growth and changes they witness. 

  • What is the right balance of supplements in your child’s diet?
  • Honestly put, the more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, dairy products, and whole grains your child’s diet has, the lesser will be the need for the introduction of multivitamin supplements into their diet.

    However, a lot of kids suffer from nutritional deficiency or dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerance, which makes supplements all the more important. Amid the sea of adulterated and quality-deficient food products, supplements are the safest and most reliable answer to ensure the supply of proper and adequate nutrition to your children.

    When responsible adults struggle to incorporate all essential nutrients in their diet, expecting our kids to do so is wishful thinking. Again, as the case is for adults, not going overboard with supplements is always to be looked after, especially because kid's supplements are meant to taste good, and if kids are always inclined to seek taste, they can easily consume more supplements than needed if not kept an eye on.

  • What are the best supplements to give to your child?
  • Supplements are important for kids. But knowing which ones are, is the next significant question.

    Swisse, as always, brings you the most effective and efficient solutions. The Swisse Kids Multi tablets, caters to a child’s cognitive development, immune functioning, and overall well-being, containing 20 essential vitamins and minerals in a great-tasting, chewy form perfect for kids.

    The Swisse Kids Bone Health tablets, rich in Calcium and Vitamin D3, which, as the name of this supplement suggests, are of prime importance in developing and maintaining healthy, strong bones and teeth in children, as well as in supporting the absorption of minerals by your child’s bones. 

    Both these supplements are tailor-made for children in their composition, taste, and benefits. Your child’s diet deserves special attention.

  • From what age can my child take supplements?
  • Both of Swisse’s kid’s supplements are suitable for children aged between 5 and 12. Healthcare professionals recommend that the daily dosage for children in this age bracket should not exceed one tablet. 

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  • Do kids need the same nutrients that adults do?
  • Nutritional requirements, for children and adults, only vary in terms of quantity, not type. Certain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B12, D, iron, calcium, zinc, and iodine are required in relatively more proportion due to their significance in early brain development and body and bone growth.