Vitamin C Chewable Tablets For The Immune System

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, which is a water-soluble vitamin important for the normal growth and repair of connective tissue, primarily cartilage, bone, skin, and blood vessels. It’s a key for a strong and well-functioning immune system. In this detailed blog, we will be talking about the benefits of vitamin C and vitamin C tablets benefits.

Role of Vitamin C In Daily Life

Vitamin C is required for the growth as well as repair of tissues in all parts of the body.

Uses of vitamin C include:

  • Heal wounds and develop scar tissue
  • Develop an important protein used to make tendons, skin, blood vessels, and ligaments
  • Helps in the iron absorption
  • Repair and maintain bones, teeth, and cartilage.
  • Vitamin C is among the many antioxidants that block the damages caused by free radicals.

Role of Vitamin C

Our body is not able to make vitamin C on its own, and it does not store it as well. Therefore, it is important to include a sufficient amount of vitamin C in the form of food and supplement. 

Reasons For Vitamin C Deficiency

Following are the reasons that increase the risk of vitamin C deficiency:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Being on dialysis

Complications Of Vitamin C

If you suffer from vitamin C deficiency, you are more at the risk of suffering from the following complications:

  • Scurvy
  • Anemia
  • Slow healing
  • Dry skin
  • Tiredness

How To Cure Deficiency Of Vitamin C?

It is important to treat vitamin C deficiency in a timely manner in order to avoid complications. Following are the cures for vitamin C deficiency.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

Taking vitamin C in the form of natural fruits and vegetables can give you a cure for this deficiency. Along with that, it is always better to eat green leafy vegetables (sweet potatoes, spinach, etc.), which are rich sources of Vitamin C. Adults between the age of 19 and 64 must consume 75-90 mg of vitamin C daily. 

Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C:

  • Citrus fruits such as oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Blackcurrants
  • Potatoes
  • Brussels sprouts
  1. Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the main risks of vitamin C deficiency. This is because of malnutrition combined with poor living conditions, causing various nutritional deficiencies.

Alcohol Consumption

  1. Quit Smoking

Smoking boosts the growth of free radicals in the body. These cause damage to the cells that can lead to many diseases that include vitamin C deficiency. Vitamins combat free radicals, but smoking depletes them, making it easier for free radicals to harm the body.

Smoking reduces Vitamin C

  1. Vitamin C Supplements

If you are not able to get sufficient vitamin C from your diet, it’s important that you take vitamin C supplements to maintain the required level.

Swisse Vitamin C Tablets

Top Benefits of Vitamin C Supplements

If you are looking for an easy way to get your daily dose of vitamin c, look no further than a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C is important because it boosts the immune system and helps with healing. Here are some benefits of vitamin C supplements.

1.     Supports Immune System

A vitamin C for immunity is extremely valuable.. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, which means it works to remove harmful free radicals from your body. These free radicals are potentially damaging molecules that cause damage inside of our cells and speed up the aging process. Antioxidants fight these effects by neutralizing them before they do too much harm. Taking vitamin c supplements can help increase the antioxidants in your body, which improves immune function.

2.     Powerful Antioxidants

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and it helps protect your cells from damage. The immune C tablets can help you avoid various chronic diseases as well as improve your immune system to prevent illness. Vitamin C supplements also contain many other benefits, such as helping the body absorb iron better for those with anemia or deficiencies in vitamin C.

3.     Strengthen Teeth and Bone Health

Vitamin C supplements are beneficial for your teeth and bones because they can help to absorb calcium. Calcium, of course, is the main component in bone health, so consuming more vitamin C will strengthen your teeth and bones naturally. It also helps to prevent tooth decay by keeping plaque off of your teeth which has been shown to reduce cavities significantly.

4.     Brightens Skin

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can help to brighten skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It also helps protect against further damage, making it an excellent addition for those looking to achieve radiant skin.

5.    Relief From Cold And Flu Symptoms

The flu and cold are the most common types of viral infections that affect people all around the world. They can cause a number of symptoms, including fever, headaches or muscle pains, tiredness, sore throat, etc. Vitamin C supplements have been known to help in alleviating these symptoms, so you feel better faster without having to take any medication with all of its side effects.

6.     Improves Iron Absorption

Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron in your body. This is especially important for people who are anemic or have low levels of hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen to cells). Iron deficiency can cause fatigue, weakness, and poor concentration span.  Vitamin C supplementation helps to increase the absorption of nonheme iron, which is found in plants. 

How is the Swisse Vitamin C Chewable tablet the right choice for you?    

If you are looking for a reliable and good vitamin C tablet, consider Swisse Vitamin C chewable tablets. These tablets are made of 500mg of Vitamin C- 250 mg from ascorbic acid and 250 mg from Sodium Ascorbate. The chewable vitamin C tablets have a tangy orange flavor, which makes them easier to consume. It is also priced competitively so that people have more accessibility. It is free of GMOs, gluten, soy, and eggs. Moreover, there is no artificial flavoring and colors in the tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chewable vitamin C tablets beneficial to your health?        

Yes, the right chewable vitamin tablets can provide overall health benefits. From strengthening your immune system to improving the health of your bones, skin, and hair, the benefits are numerous.

Are there other minerals in chewable vitamin C tablets?       

The tablet is purely made of 500 mg of vitamin C that comes from Sodium Ascorbate (250 mg) and ascorbic acid (250 mg).

Is it safe to take vitamin C on a daily basis? 

Considering that you are consuming the right dosage, it is completely safe to take vitamin C on a daily basis.    

What is the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C for adults?            

For adult men recommended intake of vitamin C is 90 mg, whereas, for adult women, the recommended intake stands at 75 mg.

What is the role of vitamin C in skincare?   

Vitamin C is a key antioxidant in the body, which helps support healthy collagen development to promote firmness and improve skin texture. Vitamin C tablets for skin also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness caused by irritation or sun exposure.