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  • Premium & Best form of Vit C: Each tablet of Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin C chewable is made of 500mg of Vitamin C- 250mg from ascorbic acid and 250mg from Sodium Ascorbate. True to its quality, these tablets are suitable for both Men & Women & improves the overall Immune Health. Ascorbic acid is the purest form of Vit-C. It is water soluble and is readily absorbed by the blood stream, increasing the bio availability of the Vitamin. Sodium Ascorbate helps in easy absorption of Vit-C & lowers the acidity in body.
  • Stronger Immune System: Studies show that a consumption of 500mg Vit-C a day, keeps viruses at bay. Vitamin C helps build T-cells that fight bacteria and viruses in the body, increase number of immune cells to support stronger immune system. Vit-C may help increase glutathione levels, and acts an antioxidant that protects cells from damage & provides symptomatic relief from common cold. Swisse Vit-C supplement provides 500mg of Vit C per tablet and act as best immune boosters to your body.
  • Healthy Hair, Skin and Bones: Vit- C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissues & function of several enzymes and immune system. Vit-C tablets helps in Skin brightening, maintaining lustrous hair and strong bones, also supporting basic health. Deficiency in Vit-C causes Scurvy & bone pain. Citrus fruits like Kiwi, Guava, strawberries, oranges, Vegetables like Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, bell peppers are rich in Vit-C & prolonged storage or cooking reduces the bioavailability of Vit-C. Supplementation via Tablets ensures that the body is supplied with ample Vit-C.
  • Delicious & Pocket Friendly: Swisse Vit-C chewable tablets has a great Tangy, natural Orange flavour that makes them tasty and easy to consume compared to Vit-C Capsules & Powders . Swisse Vitamin C supplement tablets are most fast & up selling tablets & lower in price, higher in value per tablet, compared to its competitors in Vitamin-C segment.
  • All Natural: Swisse Vitamin C, Chewable Tablets are Vegan/Vegetarian, Non GMO, Gluten, Egg & Soy free. No artificial flavours or colours
  • Adult Dosage: Chew One or two tablets daily, during or after a meal, or as recommended by the healthcare professional. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage. Use product for at least 30 days for effective results. Do not swallow whole.

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